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Zulu Inks

Zulu Inks

Zulu Inks is a fictional rubber stamp product line focused on providing tools necessary to help artists let out their inner creativity. The company was created for a branding project, focusing on the Picasso Bug as being the main inspiration. This project dates back to 2016.

The first rough draft of the Zulu Inks logo was done with ink on tracing paper. Many mediums and styles were tried during the process of creating the logo, inspired by the Picasso Bug (also known as the Zulu Hud). The current logo was edited and created in Adobe Illustrator. To match the design of the Picasso Bug, blue and red colors were used in the design.

For Zulu Inks, a stationary set was created. This stationary set includes business cards, mailing labels, letterheads, and envelopes. Each part of the stationary uses the same PMS colors.

The stationary sets were created in InDesign, with parts of the design, such as the logo, being created in Illustrator.

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