For VocaVerse Network, a voice synthesizer forum site, I was asked to create a logo to be used for the main site and for use to link to the site.

The first idea of the logo was initially to have a bit of a “space” influence, such as with a planet or with stars. The logo went through a handful of sketches before being narrowed down to the “star” and “VVN” abbreviation. The letters were even going to the lower left at first, before being changed to the lower right for a more natural feel.

A handful of colors were tried as well. It was agreed with the VocaVerse team that colors inspired by the popular VOCALOID character, Hatsune Miku, should be used – but not as the only color. The main logo, as a result, ended with a cool color scheme.

Because the logo is aimed for use on the web and may not be printed, hex colors were used. The logo was sketched by pencil and finalized in Illustrator.