Last Update: July 18, 2019

Definition of Terms:

Refers to work created by RazzyRu, whether it be a design, illustration, lyrics, etc.

A person or group who requests and orders for a piece of work to be created by RazzyRu.

A person who is interested in using a piece of work, and/or is a user of the website. The user may also be a client.

Before you place an order, it is recommended that you carefully read through the following Terms and Conditions, as well as the Rules page first. By placing an order at RazzyRu Designs, you agree to the following terms and conditions as specified below. These terms are applied for all clients. Violation of the following terms and conditions may result in your work being cancelled or deleted, with no refunds on any payment. This includes orders that have received the first payment in less than 48 hours at the time of cancellation or deletion.


Orders can be created on the website at the Order page. Orders placed will be sent directly to RazzyRu’s email.
Before placing an order, users or clients can discuss with RazzyRu about the order, such as requesting sketches, browse through samples, or brainstorm for ideas.

The user or client should receive an email from RazzyRu as a confirmation of the order. This may take up to 24 hours.

Please note that RazzyRu is able to decline any order sent, without the requirement to send a further explanation. This means that the requested order will not be created. If an order is declined, there will be no requirement to make any payments or send any funds.


Please note: The following terms and conditions for “Payment” is related to payment for placing an Order for a creative design from RazzyRu.
Clients are required to pay half of the price of work within the first few days of the order. If necessary, the deadline of the first payment can be extended. The time that the work officially begins is when half of the payment has been received. Invoices will be created to last 30 days for the second half of the payment, however, this deadline can be extended if necessary.

Please note, payment may not be required immediately. You are allowed to request sketches, view samples, or share ideas before paying the first half of the payment.

You may also send a request to cancel the order within 48 hours of the first payment. You will be refunded the received amount. Please note, some services such as PayPal have a unique fee when transferring money, which may result in some money not being able to be transferred.
If the order is cancelled after the work is almost complete, the first half of the payment will not be refunded. The unfinished files may be sent over privately. If there are issues or concerns, the client may send a message.

Once the order is finished, the client will not be able to receive the complete files until the order has been fully paid. If the client needs more time before paying the order, the client may send a message. The client may take the time he or she needs before making a payment. The files will not be sent until the payment is complete.
The most commonly used payment method with RazzyRu Designs is with PayPal. If you wish to pay through other means, please send a message to RazzyRu.


Clients are asked to be patient with their orders. The amount of time to wait will depend on factors, such as the style of the requested order, amount of content, and more. A simple illustration style, for example, may take less than 7 days to complete. A video animation, on the other hand, may take a couple of months to complete.

Time spent on the project officially begins when the first payment is received. Time spent on the project officially begins when the first payment is received. You can read more about the rules related to time in the section titled “Wait Time” on the rules page.


Once the order has been completed and the payment has been received in full, the files will be sent to the client privately. At this point, clients will not be allowed to be refunded. The client may decide how he or she would like to receive these files. If not specified, the default way will be through email. If there are any errors with receiving the files, the client may send a message. RazzyRu will be able to send the files again.

After completion, the client may ask for a minor change by sending a message to RazzyRu. Minor changes can be made up to three times before the client will be charged again.

Clients will be asked and can decide if they would like their order to be available to the public, or kept as a private/personal upload. If an image is available to the public, it is a public upload, meaning other people would be able to access and use the piece of work. The client can decide which sites are acceptable and unacceptable for RazzyRu to be able to upload the work, in case the client prefers personal/private use.

Use of Work

Violation of the use of the work (such as illustration, design, etc.) can result in the client being unable to request for future work. The client will not be refunded, and the work may also be deleted or removed.

Access to the work can be decided by the client. The condition should be specified by the client, as well as any specific preferences as to how the work is used.

Aside from rules set by the client, users and clients who choose to use the work must abide to the following rules:

1) Users and clients must not give false credit to the work. Users are able to give credit by using Razzy, RazzyRu, or ラゼル. It may not be necessary to give credit, but it is required that the work is not claimed by another, nor that the source is stated to be unknown. Instead of giving credit, the user is also able to simply give a link to the origin of the work.

2) Users and clients are not allowed to use any work for R18 or NSFW (not safe for work) purposes. This includes, but is not limited to, the creation or promotion of sexual content.

3) Users and clients are prohibited from selling or reselling a piece of work; whether it is the work as is, or incorporated into a product or item. If users or clients are interested in collaborating for selling goods such as products, a message may be sent to RazzyRu. If a collaboration begins, some payment will be necessary, whether it be payment for creating a design, such as an illustration, or revenue received from the purchased goods.

4) Some work, such as illustrations, may be edited, as long as it abides to the following rules:

4a) The editor does not draw over the work or adjust the color of the original work, unless the original work is properly linked.

4b) The editor does not edit the drawing for the use or promotion of sexual content. This includes R18 or NSFW purposes.

4c) The editor does not upload the edited work in an attempt to offend or speak crudely to other people, races, religions, etc.

4d) The editor does not attempt to sell the edited work.

4e) The editor does not claim to be the creator of the original work, or the only creator of the edited work. The editor is allowed and encouraged to share that he or she is the creator of the edit.

5) RazzyRu is not responsible for inappropriate or stolen use of work created for a client, or for users who choose to take actions against a client’s rules.

It should be noted that the user may ask for a specific minor edit. For example: The user may ask for a version of an illustration without a background. Due to certain rules and restrictions, not all minor edits may be allowed. Edits related to a client’s work may also not be allowed, depending on a client’s rules.

Stolen Work

If work created by RazzyRu has been stolen, meaning the work has been claimed to be created by another person, it is highly recommended the person who found the stolen work sends a message to RazzyRu.

Work is not allowed to be stolen. If a work is traced or heavily inspired by an original work, it is also stolen unless properly credited or linked to the origin of the work.

It should be noted that some work is allowed to be shared without the need of giving proper credit or a link (as long as the shared work is not edited), such as an illustration that was not created for a client. The rule is that a user does not claim to be the original creator of the work.


If you would be interested in contacting RazzyRu, you may do so through the use of social media (links to social media can be found on the site), Discord, or through email.
You may contact RazzyRu for any questions or concerns regarding making an order or for potential collaboration.