The logo for RazzyRu Designs was created using Illustrator. Since the start of the logo creation process, which can be viewed with the slider, the idea was to have a raspberry-inspired design, to match the “RazzyRu” name. Blue was a common theme with RazzyRu as well, so that stayed as an important color. A variety of ideas were played around with at first, some of these designs include using RazzyRu’s hat as a part of the logo in some way. In the end, a simple berry design was decided on, but not one that was too simple. The final logo primarily uses four colors: PMS 285 for blue, PMS 5395 for the darker blue, PMS 355 for green, and white.

The simplicity of the logo is used to help make the logo distinguishable yet unique and clean. The logo can be used in a variety of ways this way, where it is mostly used with blue backgrounds.

Below is a collection of logos for branding artwork. This allows the logo to be used in a variety of places.