“The Sun” is a costume designed for Africa Miku live performances. The costume was designed by RazzyRu in collaboration with Makoto, head of the Miku Africa Live organization.

The group, Miku Africa Live, hopes to help people learn about African culture and Japanese culture. These cultures were kept in mind when designing “The Sun.” Elements from Hatsune Miku’s designs as well as elements from African clothing were an inspiration in the process. To RazzyRu, the sun represents hope, an important message RazzyRu plans to bring to Africa, and to anyone. Music also served as an important part of The Sun’s design, as shown with the piano trim around the bottom of the dress.

“The Sun” Africa Miku has appeared in a comic featured in the Miku in Africa book doujinshi, illustrated by こうば. A page dedicated to “The Sun” design is also detailed in the doujinshi, including a handmade costume.

A second Miku in Africa doujinshi book was created, titled Miku in Africa ‐Gaiden‐.