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Last Message

Last Message

ラストメッセージ(Last Message)

A tribute song in honor of wowaka.

On April 5th, 2019, wowaka passed away, at the young age of 31. His works within the Vocaloid community and throughout the world have grown into an inspiration to many fans; whether they are VOCALOID fans, music fans, or someone who simply enjoy his creations. The inspiration for writing this song, “Last Message”, was to write one more letter for wowaka. As of now, on YouTube, it has reached over 400,000 views.

Last Message aims to be a message from fans around the world, to bring comfort from wowaka’s passing, and to help wowaka’s music continue to live on. The lyrics hold a handful of references to lyrics from wowaka’s works.

Music: Marvin Valentin
Lyrics: ラゼル
Movie/Illustration: Tom
Vocaloid Tuning: Aku P

Japanese Lyrics:
その世界 見てみたい
この世界 この声

「問題ない。」 と言いたい 口を開けると何もないよ
「問題ない。」と言うか? ワン・ツー 今でも遅くないかな

教えて 君の物語を聞きたい

ねえ、今嬉しいになった? ここから声が聞こえますか
誰もの笑顔を作りたい あたしの笑顔もないな

もう一回 もう一度 ああ、君に会いたかった
今日も転がってはいいの? 言いたいことは、「ありがとう」

この手紙 好きかな

このガールを知らない 君の曲から少女になった
このガールを愛すか? ワン・ツー 皆はこの少女かな


ねえ、そこからあたしを見た? 「サヨナラ」を言いましたか?
君の笑顔を作りたい でもまだ笑顔もないな

夢から覚ませよ! ああ、愛を語りたかった

痛みに慣れるかな 君もこの世界を愛したかな

ねえ、好きな歌を歌った? 出世した?失敗したか?
誰かの笑顔を作った? 君のために微笑んだ

もう一回 もう一度 ああ、君と踊りたかった
今日も転がってはいいの? 言いたいことは、「会いたいよ」

English Translation:
I want to see that world
Hey, are you not here anymore?
This world This voice
I wonder if you found my love

“I’m fine” I want to say
When I open my mouth, nothing happens
Will you say “I’m fine”?
One two Even now I wonder if it’s not too late

Dear God, I want to send just one last letter
Tell me, I want to hear your story

Hey, are you happy right now?
Can you hear my voice from here?
I want to make anyone smile
But I have no smile

One more time Once again
Ah, I wanted to meet you
Is it alright if I roll again today?
What I want to say is, “Thank you”

I want to send this letter
Hey, don’t forget to write back
I wonder if you like this letter
I wonder if you understand these words

I don’t know this girl
I became the girl from your song
Do you love this girl?
One two I wonder if everyone is this girl

Is life unhappy? Or are you unlucky?
The upside-down girl Are you also lonely?
What you want to say to the spinning ending world
Is what anyone wants to hear
My story is also unknown
Is that so? That’s so

Hey, did you see me from there?
Did you say “farewell”?
I want to make you smile
But I still have no smile

Wake up from a dream!
Ah, I wanted to talk about love
My words are always echoes of a quiet voice

On the day I started rolling, I sang these songs with you
I wonder if I’ll get used to pain
I wonder if you also loved this world

Hey, did you sing your favorite song?
Have you succeeded? Have you failed?
Did you make someone smile?
For you I smiled

One more time Once again
Ah, I wanted to dance with you
Is it alright if I roll again today?
What I want to say is, “I miss you”

Illustration of Hatsune Miku, fan illustration of the “Last Message” song. This drawing was sketched in pencil, and finished up in Clip Studio.
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