A site created for the Greeting Pen Company. Working alongside web developers, an E-commerce site was created through Shopify to help Greeting Pen sell their wide range of products. This uses a handful of different languages, such as HTML, CSS, and Ruby.

At the top in the Navigation, customers can choose to browse products by theme (Baby, Wedding, Religious, etc.), or by Product Type (Message Pen, Notebook, Light Up Pen, etc.). Greeting Pen’s products can fall into a variety of categories, so creating a system that allowed customers to easily browse for what they would like was important.

On product pages for personalize pens, customers can type in custom messages, change the font, and see the message rotate in the preview window.

Other features on the site include comparing products to others, an easy-to-use search bar, a footer with a link to pages and social media, quick links to products on the home page, and more.

Customers can easily see a list of categories and some products available with the Categories menu.

On product pages, customers can do a variety of things. They can share, add a rating, compare products to another, add to wishlist, and change how many products they wish to buy. Changing the amount of one product purchased effects the price. These parts can be added thanks to themes and add-ons that can be used on Shopify.

You can check out the site at greetingpen.com.