The first products in the RazzyRu Designs Store consist of a series of fruit-themed shirts. Each shirt features a design by RazzyRu with a drawing of fruit and a pun to go along with the pictured fruit. These designs were created in Illustrator.

A handful of the designs were first created in Clip Studio, before it was decided Illustrator was to be used and would be a more effective method, as that would allow for a higher quality of print. The shirts are printed using Printful and are shipped from Printful’s warehouses.

During the design process, a few various ideas were played around with, such as placement of the Pear’s stem, the line variation on the Watermelon, and more. The font used for each design is Amatic SC.

As of October, there are currently 9 designs available for purchase.

In October, four new fruit designs were created and added to the store. These new designs featured a Blueberry, a Cherry, an Orange, and a Pumpkin.

Similar to the previous designs, each design features a pun related to the fruit, and was created in Illustrator. Tank tops and T-shirts are available with these designs at the store.

The first printed t-shirt, before going minor adjustments. To the right is a very early apple design, with no text. It was a design planned for a separate product that was adjusted to be use for a t-shirt.

The products are pictured below, and can be purchased at the store in a variety of colors, on a T-shirt or a tank top: