FP Motion is an asset created for Unity that aims to improve the feel and animation of a game using Unity. I was asked to create a logo for the asset, and it is now available for purchase in the Unity Asset Store.

The project originally started under another name, uNimate. As with most logo projects, it started with concept sketches. Over time, between the creator and I, we concluded the logo design should resemble the shape used when adjusting bones in a model or object.

The shape at one point had a more diamond-like shape compared to the final, “4-cornered” look. The logo was also originally planned to use green, but we settled with a white look for use in the video and asset store.

The logo sketches were done by pencil, then touched up and refined in Illustrator. There were a handful of changes made throughout the process. As for the logo animation seen in the video, that was done in After Effects. The images for the Asset Store used screenshots taken from Unity itself, and edited in Photoshop.

As for the asset store, the logo itself varies slightly. There is an outline as well as a hint of gray in the logo to give it a more refined and detailed look. The background however keeps this green color, and also adds a hint of purple.