Dear Weather (stylized as “Dear Weather,”) is a mocked-up weather app designed for cleanliness and ease of use. This weather app keeps a simple style while keeping information and settings organized. The app is designed to be encouraging, give reminders, or give “advice” depending on the weather.

The app features simple illustrations, created by using an ink pen and coloring in Clip Studio.

Most of the screens were put together and mocked up in Photoshop. Animations for the loading screens were created in After Effects.

The most common screen in the app, which is a daily forecast of the weather. The background color is typically blue, changing slightly depending on the time and weather. App users can slide the screen to the right to view more details.

Two more screens. One screen is the settings, accessed by tapping on the hamburger menu icon in the upper right, and the other is accessed simply by swiping to the right. Settings include adding locations, quickly viewing the weather in specified places, customizing settings to personal preference, and more. The second page, as seen in the second image, gives a weekly forecast of the weather.

Various loading screens that appear in the app. These screens appear when you first enter the app, giving a little piece of advice or simply having conversation.