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For a past project, a campaign was created with the intention to bring people together in a form of a community. This project was titled “Creatibility”. The goal is to make sure everyone is given the chance to express themselves through art.

Creatibility’s focus is on young students with special needs explore their inner creativity. Everyone has a voice in art. Creatibility hopes to encourage students to grow in their abilities in art, or to have fun making friends and creating art with others.

The logo went through a variety of adjustments. The idea was something more simplistic. The red, blue, and yellow colors, however, appeared to fit a much younger target audience than Creatibility, as well as being colors too commonly used. Orange and purple colors were proposed, and this was used in the final logo. The font Dyslexie, created by Christian Boer, is designed to help those with dyslexia read.

A calendar created for the Creatibility project. The calendar included an illustration that can be colored in, various creative prompts, and activities for meet-ups.

Follow-along instructions for a “Bug Garden Activity”. Participants had adult helpers to guide them through the process. Some of the crafted bugs were gathered together and made into a board that was hung up on a wall. This activity can be done alone or collaboratively. It is based off of the “BUGS from ice cream wooden sticks” activity by krokotak.

An activity of the month worksheet. Compared to the previous worksheet, this one comes with more details in the text. It was intended to be included in a kit sent to a student, complete with materials necessary for completing the craft. The worksheet also has a note to encourage students to take a picture and share their creations.

Side note: You can also tell I’m a bit sloppy with fabric paint. But, the point is having fun in the end! The pictures in both worksheets are taken by me.

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