In 2016, I was asked by Vocaloid producer Michin (now known as SHINA) to create a video for her song, sung by Hatsune Miku. The song has a soft tone, and can be helpful for those trying to fall asleep. I wanted to portray a Calm sense by using simple imagery. The video was uploaded May 27. Later in the year, in July, Michin returned to ask me to update the video. There were changes made to the song, meaning a second version of the video was planned.

For this project, I worked in Clip Studio and Anime Studio. For the process, I drew various drawings of Miku in a very simple stick-like style, and traced over it with a homemade tracing table. These drawings were drawn in pencil and later inked with an ink pen.

Lyrics and subtitles in the video were also written by pencil instead of using a font.